Just Cupcakes - A cupcakery in Hilltop, Virginia Beach

{ Pricing }

Single cupcake to eat right out of the wrapper:
$3.35 each. Our specialty and filled cupcakes are $3.50 each.

But c'mon, why have just one?
Packaged in a Just Cupcakes bakery box:
$19.50 for half dozen
$36 for one dozen

Have something special to say?
Say it with Just Cupcakes, with
our fondant cutouts and letters.

And, yes, we invite you to choose a combination of cupcakes, baked fresh for your own special box.

{ Many Little Mini Cupcakes }   (Isn't that redundant?)

One bite, two bites or however you think of them, our mini cupcakes are just as delicious as our regular cupcakes, only they're teeny. We sometimes have minis in the shop, but not always. Minis are available, preordered, with any of the flavors of the day. But please, we ask you, give us 24 hours notice!

$22 per dozen
$42 per two dozen

{ Special Orders? }   (And aren’t they all?)

But, of course. If you have an event coming up, Just Cupcakes would love to help you make it special. And if you would prefer a particular flavor or decoration, we'll be thrilled to do that for you, too. We kindly ask for 48 hours notice, and all requests need to be pre-paid.

{ Online Ordering }

While only a fraction of the full Just Cupcakes catalog is available on any given day, did you know that some flavors go missing from the menu for weeks at a time, and others never appear on the menu at all? Fortunately, it doesn't matter if your favorite flavor isn't on the menu today, this week, or ever. If it's in our catalog, and we can make it this time of year, it will be available for order online. Orders can be ready in as little as one business day, and be placed as far as a month in advance. Special orders can be placed online as well. Order online today!

Follow us on Twitter or watch the blog to know when the latest online only flavors arrive.

{ Gift Cards }

How else to tell them how sweet they are? A Just Cupcakes gift card is a great way to say, "Thank You," "Happy Birthday," or "You're my Cupcake." It’s also a fantastic hostess gift. Gift certificates start at $10.