Just Cupcakes - A cupcakery in Hilltop, Virginia Beach

{ Just Cupcakes 101 }

What goes into our cupcakes? Ahhh, good question. Each one is made from scratch with only the highest quality ingredients. We start with sweet cream butters, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, Guittard chocolates, and freshly ripe fruit. No shortcuts here.

Next, we fill each cup with the perfect amount of batter so it will bake and rise to just the right height for our frosting. We're generous with our frosting, leaving it up to you decide if it's too much (Could there be such a thing?) or just the right amount. All of our frostings are made by hand each day to ensure freshness.

We could stop there, but we feel each little cake needs just one more thing before leaving the shop. Accessories. We all know how accessories can take an outfit from bow to wow! It's our firm belief that the same logic applies to cupcakes. Whether it's our pure chocolate jimmies, sweet sanding sugars, toasted nuts or just a tiny piece of hand-cut fondant, Just Cupcakes take the cake when it comes to style. You may have the passing thought that they’re too beautiful to eat, but please do.